Recovery Groups


These are people struggling with the compulsion to rescue and take care of others, have difficulty setting boundaries, or recognizing their own worth.  Members in this group learn to express their own needs and wants in healthy ways.


Physical / Emotional Abuse

For those who have endured past physical, sexual and / or emotional abuse.  Recovery includes healing from the traumas done to us at sometime in our past, as well as healing from the influence these past experiences continue to have on our lives.


Adult Children of Family Dysfunction

The family problem of alcoholism made us “co-vicitims” - those who take on the characteristics of the alcoholic without necessarily ever taking a drink.  Choosing to recognize and exit the modeled behaviors of alcoholism is the beginning of recovery for the ACFD.


Sexual Integrity

For those seeking recovery from lust and compulsive sexual behaviors.  This group provides fellowship, is a safe place to share our struggles, pain and victories and helps to establish accountability and mutual support among the group members throughout the week.


Recovery from Anger

For men and women who find that anger is their first response to problems of any size. The anger may be very evident as rage or less obvious in terms of withdrawal and isolation. Focus on managing a God-given emotion in constructive ways.


Chemically Dependant

If you find that you cannot quit drinking or using entirely, even when you honestly want to, or if you have little control over the amount you consume, you are probably an alcoholic and / or and addict.  If that is the case, you may be suffering from a problem that only a spiritual solution will conquer.