About Us

To My Forever Family,


Hi, my name is Tom and I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ who struggles with anger and who has found freedom from my sexual sin. I am the Ministry Leader here at Celebrate Recovery Canyon Lake. 

Did this introduction get your attention? My identity is not in my sin (sexual sin or anger): my identity is in Jesus Christ.  My challenge to you is, “What are you are really struggling with? What's in the closet of your heart that you don't want people to know?”


Many people sit in their seats at church with their "church face” on, showing only what they want you to see and letting people think they have it all together. But deep down inside, they are hurting.

I was one of those people who looked good on the outside, but deep down inside, I struggled with issues of low self-esteem stemming from physical and emotional abuse as a child. When I accepted Christ, my sin was forgiven but I hadn't really dealt with the hurt I had built around my heart. Soon, I was deep in pornography and became involved in an affair. The sin I committed was an escape from the pain I had in my heart. With God’s direction through the Celebrate Recovery Ministry, I was able to confront my hurts, habits and hang-ups and I was able to break free from my sin!  Praise be to God!

Celebrate Recovery helps people get unstuck and find true freedom from their sins through dealing with their hurts and finding God's forgiveness.  This forgiveness leads to true freedom and helps you grow closer to Christ.


Celebrate Recovery deals with more than just issues relating to drug and alcohol abuse. Celebrate Recovery deals with issues such as overeating; gambling; anger; pornography; control issues; low self-esteem; people pleasing (to name just a few). It deals with any human weakness we may struggle with.


What you will find at Celebrate Recovery are people, just like you and me, who also struggle with some type of hurt, habit or hang-up. They understand your pain and accept you for who you are. Celebrate Recovery is a safe place. You will find strength through sharing with others.  Through it all, you will find peace and purpose.  You will feel and know God has truly forgiven you, and in turn you will want to share this Good News with others. 


What are you waiting for?  Life is short ... act now!  I invite you all to Celebrate Recovery and to see how God is working!


Thank you for letting me share. God bless and hope to see you there!

Your brother in Christ,


Tom Segobia

Ministry Leader, Celebrate Recovery Canyon Lake

California State Rep—Inland Empire (Riverside & San Bernardino Counties)